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Available Channels:

KBS1, KBS2 HappyFM, KBS3 사랑의소리, KBS ClassicFM, KBS CoolFM, KBS한민족방송, KBS World, MBC 표준FM, MBC FM4U, MBC 올댓뮤직, EBS FM, PowerFM, LoveFM, CBS 표준FM, CBS 음악FM, BBS 불교방송, TBS FM, TBS eFM, TBN FM, YTN NewsFM, 국악방송 FM, 국방홍보원 FM, Busan eFM, Arirang Radio

In-App Purchase:

  • Notification Center Remote Widget
  • MacBook Pro Touch Bar
  • Remote

If you are having difficulty accessing the status item, open the app after turn on VoiceOver. The status item menu will be open when you open the app. When the app was already running and you want to change channels, just reopen the app. The status item menu will be open again.

May the Radio be with you!